Kristen writes Christian suspense. Her desire is to create characters that adults and teens will find relevant and real, characters who deal with real-life issues in the context of a suspenseful story that readers won’t want to put down. Her books are available on Amazon.

Here’s What Some Readers Are Saying

The Revisionary connects dystopian fiction with American history.

The Revisionary is an engaging, twisty, and inspirational read. My thirteen-year-old son and I love YA dystopian lit and read this book together as a summer book club choice. He enjoyed the suspense and the twists, and I appreciated him having a cleaner read with some inspiration toward truth and bravery tucked in. We both learned more about early American history, which was a nice bonus.

– Amazon Reviewer

The Revolutionary provides a fresh perspective on American history and the Christian faith.

I enjoyed this wild adventure with moral principles and truths sprinkled throughout. I love how Hogrefe intertwines historical events and people from the 1700s and ties into a futuristic world. This makes her stories all the more unique and entertaining.

– Amazon Reviewer

The Reactionary provides a faith-based twist to the dystopian genre.

This series is a definite YA must read for anyone who loves books placed in the dystopian time period, but is looking for a faith based twist to that genre.

– Amazon Reviewer

The Wings of the Dawn trilogy shows that anything is possible.

The overarching themes of forgiveness, reliance on God, and the importance of loving relationships among family and friends, show young people that anything is possible.

– Amazon Reviewer

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