What Fire Won’t Destroy: 2 Tests to Discern Lasting Value

My friend and blogger Ashley Jones invited me to guest blog on her website BigSisterKnows.com, a place where we can find encouragement for our daily lives from a long-time big sis! Growing up with brothers (who are awesome, by the way), I’m blessed to know Ashley, who has become like a big sister to me in many ways. I hope this post encourages you today. Click over to her website to read it in full, and check out some of her other resources.

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If you’ve seen the news recently, your heart probably goes out to the people in California who have lost their homes—even their lives—to wildfires. I read about one couple who started packing their car with priceless vases and artwork, only to find they couldn’t evacuate in time. They lost everything but survived.

If you had a wildfire tearing toward you, what would you do? While I hope this scenario never happens, the question does prompt us to consider what we value most.

In Luke 7, a discouraged John the Baptist questioned if he’d missed the mark, if everything he “valued” counted for anything. He sent a message from prison to Jesus along these lines: Are you really the Christ, or should I look for someone else? Given his circumstances, can we blame him for asking if he were following the right man? After all, heralding Christ’s arrival (his life’s work) was costing him everything. Had he chosen the wrong path?

Recently, my Bible study group discussed this interesting passage, and I’d like to share some takeaways that might help us discern if what we’re valuing is worthwhile.

Click here to read about two tests to help us discern if what we value will last.

~ Kristen


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