The Revisionary

Future and Past Civilizations Collide in THE REVISIONARY.

I’m thrilled to introduce my young adult trilogy ROGUES with THE REVISIONARY. Nineteen-year-old Portia Abernathy plans to earn a Dome seat and rewrite the Codex rules to rescue her exiled brother. Her journey demands answers from the past civilization, but uncovering the truth means breaking the rules she set out to rewrite.

Where will the world be in 2149? If citizens forget their past, they will be lost in an identity crisis.

That’s exactly the state of the American Socialists United (ASU). This dystopian story opens in Cube 1519, a ghetto where the only use for obsolete cell phones is to throw them like rocks at mongrels. Portia and her father survive like many other citizens, with no electricity or technology and no expectation for a better life.

Yet Portia remembers her brother Darius—before he was taken. Now that’s she’s graduated, she determines to get him back. She thinks earning a Dome seat as a Revisionary candidate will be her ticket to rewriting the Codex and reversing his sentence. However, when she receives her draft and arrives at the Crystal Globe University for training, she discovers the world is very different outside her cube and that prisoners like Darius aren’t the only ones trapped by the system.

Written for young adults, The Revisionary offers a suspenseful plot, flashbacks to America’s Revolutionary era, and rediscovery of the founding values needed to rebuild Portia’s unraveling world.

In school, teens hear that if they don’t learn from history’s lessons, they’re destined to repeat them. Portia lives in a world where leaders wield ignorance to control citizens. Only when Portia sets out to rescue her brother does she realize the lie she’s been living and determines to break free.

Blockbuster novels like The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Giver popularized the YA dystopian genre. The Revisionary is a dystopia of a different kind—one that looks backward to find wisdom to move forward.

I want my new trilogy to offer the same intensity as popular dystopian suspense books but with an underlying message of heritage and hope.

The Revisionary released June 6, 2017 through Write Integrity Press and is available in paperback and Kindle formats.

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