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As a teacher and life-long learner, I am honored to share what I know on platforms like Study Anything Online. This online course marketplace invites learners of all ages to jump in and find resources to meet their needs. From serving homeschool families to providing online business training, Study Anything Online is a growing community for those seeking quality, practical instruction.

I’m excited to share two elective courses on topics I teach all the time! As an online English teacher, I provide guidance on a daily basis to my students on writing essays and using proper documentation for their sources. I’ve taken my experience and created some practical, hands-on (and dare I say, fun?) classes on these oh-so-important topics.

These courses are ideal for 7-12th graders, because regardless of the essay’s level of difficulty, the same basic principles apply. They are also a perfect refresher course for adults who are returning to the classroom themselves or wanting to help their student understand essay writing but haven’t picked up an English textbook in a while.

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5 Steps to Essay Writing Success

Have you ever written you heart out for an essay project, only to have it returned with a low score and covered in red ink? If so, you’re not alone. But I have good news for you. Anyone can master these 5 steps to essay writing success. They are a failproof roadmap for virtually any kind of expository essay project, whether it be the standard five-paragraph essay or the 2,000+ word research paper.

 This class will focus on the mechanics of good essay writing and break down each step with clear directions, specific examples, and practice exercises. Its sister course, MLA Documentation and Format: What you need to know to keep from losing your mind or reputation, will break down the incredibly important aspect of proper documentation for sources (using MLA format). However, not all essays are research essays, so that’s why the two topics are handled separately.

MLA Documentation and Format: What you need to know to keep from losing your mind or reputation

The dreaded P word. Plagiarism. It’s not a four-letter word, but it’s just as naughty. The hard truth is, maybe you didn’t even mean to plagiarize, but ignorance is not an excuse. The good news is that we’re going to unpack everything you need to know to avoid plagiarism, give proper credit to your sources, and do so in a way that presents you as a respectable and honest writer.

This class will examine proper documentation using MLA or Modern Language Association format. Please double check with your curriculum or full-time teacher to make sure you should use MLA. There are other formats, including APA and Chicago Style, that are also commonly used by some academies and colleges. However, MLA is perhaps the most commonly used style guide for middle and high school and is what this course will discuss.

We’ll also include MLA formatting practices. They are different than documentation practices but just as important for getting the highest marks possible on your essay. Correct essay format could make the difference between letter grades.

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