The Reactionary

The Reactionary, the final installment in this award-winning dystopian trilogy, released February 2019 through Write Integrity Press.

The Reactionary presents …

  • An honest portrait of family conflict and forgiveness
  • A challenge to wrestle with dilemmas that have no easy answers
  • A love story shaped by sacrifice
  • Hope that ultimate freedom is possible through Christ, even if the world crumbles

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Three friends. One broken world. One chance to make it right.

PORTIA: Darius lied about their father, and defying her brother now might secure a much-needed overseas ally. But liberty for all could cost her the man she loves and any hope of reuniting her fractured family.

LUTHER: He devises a diplomatic distraction to buy Portia time for her international mission and him a chance to rescue his scientist-father, tricked into operating Felix’s labs. But will he lose them both anyway?

GATH: He survived the satellite explosions, only to encounter one of Felix’s plague initiatives. Somehow, he must recover and re-unify what’s left of their leadership team—and point them toward the light.


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