Within each of us is a longing for adventure. Sometimes, it thrills us and pushes us to the very limits of what we can achieve; other times, it frightens us and confronts us with our own frailties.


My Christian suspense novels develop characters that teens and adults can identify with in some way. The choices they make and the situations they face stretch them relationally, physically, and yes, spiritually.

The bottom line is not what happens to the characters, but what the characters do with what happens to them. That’s where the characters grow–and where we can grow right along with them.


A story might end with the last page of a book, but each of us has our own story. My challenge to you is to embrace the story God designed for you. I invite you to join my blog where I share not only about the latest book buzz for you and your family, but also about growing our faith through everyday adventures. When ordinary life happens, we can learn to view it from an extraordinary perspective. 

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Safe travels to you in all your adventures, and I hope our paths will cross again soon.

~ Kristen