All Things Bookish: Reviews, BookBub, and Spring Photo Contest

Spring is my favorite season! I love the sunshine, warm weather, and vibrant green I see everywhere I look outdoors. (Sorry for all my northern friends who are still getting snow!) Today, I also want to pause to say thank you again to everyone who played a part in my book launch last month … and to everyone who continues to play a part.

Reviews and Thanks You’s

To start, here’s a big shout-out to everyone who’s written a book review on Amazon or Goodreads! Reviews don’t have to be long but really can make a huge difference.

Also, I want to thank the Inspired Prompt blog for hosting me and letting me share about my book! You can read the full interview here.

If you’re interested in learning about outside reviewers who’ve read my books, visit my press page for some of the outstanding feedback I’ve received.

For Book Lovers

Have you heard of BookBub? This website offers readers free and bargain books and lets them stay connected with their favorite authors. I recently joined and would love to connect with you!

Click here to friend me.

A Fun Contest for Spring

If you’re like me, you’re probably reading more than one book at a time or have a collection of recently read books cluttering your bookshelves.  We readers often have book lists, so why not get creative with them? My spring challenge for you is to stage your reading list, snap a picture, and share it on social media. Here are some lovely examples from my friends Lindsey and Devon!

If you include one of my books and tag me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I’ll enter you into a drawing for a free Kindle version of one of my books … your choice which one! The deadline to participate is the end of spring (June 21).

I look forward to seeing your creative photos. Happy spring!

~ Kristen


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