6 Items You Won’t Find on a Supply List, Pt. 2

In college, I was the girl who set two alarm clocks and chose outfits the night before. I stressed over syllabi more times than I care to admit.

Sometimes, I focused so closely on the tangible details that I overlooked the spiritual equipment needed to get through the day.

Ephesians 6 outlines the ultimate Every Day Carry (EDC) list we can’t do without—whether we’re in high school, college, or beyond. Last week, we saw the first three, and today, we’ll examine the final ones.

Item #4: The Shield of Faith

The Apostle Paul underscores the importance of a soldier’s shield. Most of us don’t sling medieval metal over our shoulders, but the idea is one of protection.

In different ways, we apply the same concept today. For example, this weekend, I went scalloping and slathered on SPF 50 (twice). I wouldn’t dream of spending four hours in the sun without it!

Shields (whether metallic or ultraviolet) protect us from dangers. On the spiritual front, faith in the unchanging work of God guards us from hidden hazards.

The Bible says that the just live by faith (Romans 1:17). To live by faith, we first need to live rightly (item 2), which means we must think rightly (item 1).

Item #5: The Covering of Salvation

Coverings or helmets were a big deal for safety in Bible days. Without them, the soldier’s most exposed part of the body was vulnerable.

In his epistle to the Thessalonians, Paul restates the importance of this spiritual armor. He warns his readers to be alert or to “keep awake and be sober” so that they aren’t caught off guard (I Thess. 5:6 ESV). In order to be prepared, he challenges them to don “the breastplate of faith and love, and for a helmet the hope of salvation” (I Thess. 5:8 ESV emphasis added).

Our salvation should both command our center and give us the confidence to face whatever challenges we encounter.

Item #6: The Sword of the Spirit

Leaving for class unprepared is code for disaster.

Obviously, students need their books (or tablet) to learn. If you attend Christian school or college, the Sword of the Spirit (code for your Bible) will probably be among the items you’ll bring. Regardless, I hope you’ll want to bring it.

It is the best defense for the day. According to 2 Timothy 3:16, it’s good for more than just Bible class. It teaches us about doctrine and righteousness, and corrects us when we mess up.

Download the Bible on your tablet or phone—or better yet, bring a print version. Whatever you do, don’t leave home without it.

A Daily Checklist

After the first day of school, we forget about supply lists (and sometimes, even about the syllabi), but the list from Ephesians 6 is one we need to remember year round. These items should form our EDC even on weekends.

To all my student friends, I challenge you to cut out the list below and tack it on your mirror or in your locker. Look at it every day. Remember it when the day brings an unexpected blow, and cheer through it when God grants you a spiritual victory.

Ask yourself: Do I have my EDC?

Start strong, and finish well.

~ Kristen


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