4 Countdowns for YA Fiction Fans

We Americans like a good countdown. We count as the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Students (and teachers) count the days to summer break. Couples count their calendars for the “big day” or a baby’s arrival.

In Florida’s Space Coast, people visit Cape Canaveral and wait hours for a front row seat at a shuttle launch. (To date, I haven’t experienced a launch first hand, but the pictures look incredible.)

Maybe you’ve never seen a rocket launch either. However, if you’re a fan of young adult (YA) fiction, I’d like to invite you to a “launch” of a different kind for my upcoming release, The Revisionary.

Countdown #1: The Revisionary Cover Reveal

I can’t wait to share the cover design for The Revisionary and the story that goes along with it!

Eight days and counting …

Countdown #2: ASU Flag Design Contest

I teach English for Alpha Omega Academy and have invited students to design their version of the ASU pennant (the fictitious flag of my dystopian society). The top 10 designs will be posted right here on my blog for you to vote on. The winner’s name and design will be published in the book itself!

Look for more details at the end of April.

Countdown #3: Pre-Order Dates and Bonus Feature

You can pre-order The Revisionary as early as May 2! Those who pre-order Kindle versions will also receive an extra bonus story, a short novelette that gives you a glimpse into my heroine’s childhood and sets the stage for book one.

I’ll post more details in May.

Countdown #4: Launch Date

On Tuesday, June 6, both print and electronic versions of The Revisionary release.

If you want to join these “countdowns” with me, what can you do?

  • Share posts, updates, and pictures (like the one here) with your friends. If you’re not a teen, that’s okay! Although I wrote this book for young adults readers, I like to say I also write for “the young at heart” (and include myself in that category).
  • In the next few months, several people will review my book, and I’ll share links to their reviews. Pass those along, please.
  • When you get your own copy, I want to hear from you! Tag me in a picture with you and your book. Leave an Amazon review, and share it with your friends.
  • Closer to the launch date, I’ll create a Facebook event for an online launch party. I’d love for you to join! Connect with me on my Facebook page so I can invite you.

Countdowns are better with friends! Will you join me?




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