Ordinary People, Abundant Power

super-power-1Have you noticed a common thread among superheroes? They have lowly origins, rise to unlikely greatness, and often have Achilles’-heel-like weaknesses.

Think about it. Spiderman was a whimpy teenager until a spider bit him. Captain America couldn’t even meet the enlistment requirements. Superman was superhuman unless kryptonite came into the picture.

Does anyone remember I-Man? My brothers liked this movie from the 80s, so I watched it many times in my childhood. I-Man breathed extraterrestrial space dust that made him virtually unstoppable. But if he were left in the dark, his cells would die, and well, so would he.

He also had a penchant for stealing all the cream for his coffee. I may be guilty of this habit myself.

We cheer for these big-screen heroes because many started like us: ordinary people. However, we don’t have to inhale space dust to have super power.

Today, we’re going to hear more from Ashley, Hannah, and Victoria on how we can tap into our Source of strength and find some supersized encouragement for our daily lives.

Tap into God’s Power

Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God (2 Corinthians 3:5 NKJV).

Hannah: God does not want to make it hard for us to receive Him and the “power” He offers freely to us. We can easily tap into this “power”; we must start by trusting in God, believing that His Son, Jesus, died and rose again, and have faith in our God. Once you become a Christian, God will offer His everlasting help to you. God’s power will become more evident to you if you give an effort to grow closer to Him by prayer and time in His Word; if we truly want to know God’s power, we will want to get to know Him first.

Ashley: We should get our power from God. We simply need to admit that we need God to help us, and He’ll be there for us.

For reflection: What fears or foes are you facing? Have you asked God for His help? 

Don’t Go Solo 

Victoria: No matter where I am at with the Lord, I can never achieve perfection. I need to constantly be growing in my faith with Him.

Hannah: God has the ability to strengthen me when I feel weak. If I have true fear for God, then that’s all that really matters. My relationship with God is ten times more beautiful than I am, and that’s exactly how I want my life to be, because a relationship with God is the most stunning thing about a person; at least, it should be.

For reflection: Do you try to “fix” your problems alone? Don’t. Seek the Lord, and surround yourself with friends and family who can walk this journey with you. 

Be Encouraged Today 

I asked these young ladies what they would tell someone who’s struggling to believe God is powerful enough to handle any difficulty. Here’s what they had to say.

Ashley: I would tell them that God is bigger. God is bigger than anything and everything he could be going through. I know it may be hard to trust God because we can’t physically see Him, but He will get us through all our struggles (I Peter 5:7).

Victoria: I would share with him the fact that the God who made everything thought that the world needed one of him too. We must always remember that God provides and the fact that one door closes so another can open.

Hannah: I have come to the realization that God doesn’t explain exactly how or why He does what He does or lets things happen how they happen. He lets difficulties occur to test our belief in Him and His power to work things out. God wants us to trust Him completely, and we can’t do that unless we learn how to. So when you feel as though God doesn’t have enough power to heal your broken heart, fix your sadness, or change your doubt to belief, just remember that God has enough power to raise people from the dead, make the blind see, the lame walk, the sinners believe, and He holds you in the same hands that He created the world with. God’s power is impossible to totally comprehend, but that does not make it impossible.

Parting Thought

Thank you, young ladies, for your example of faith and words of encouragement!

I love that last part Hannah shared: God’s power is impossible to totally comprehend, but that does not make it impossible.

We may all be rather ordinary, but God’s power knows no limits. Nothing is impossible with Him (Luke 1:37).

That’s pretty super. Don’t you agree?

~ Kristen



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2 thoughts on “Ordinary People, Abundant Power

  1. Thanks, Tami! Yes, that is such a great reminder. When we doubt if God can handle our challenges, we need to remember what the old song says: “He’s got the whole world in His hands.”


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