Christmas Craft: Scripture Promises Mason Jar

craft-collageWhat do you give the person who has everything? Here’s one idea for adding a personal touch to your Christmas gifts. The best part is you can make it yourself!

Earlier this year, a friend gave me a gift that has meant so much to me. It was a purple mason jar, adorned simply with a ribbon, and inside were 100 paper slips, each personalized with a Scripture promise and my name.

I kept the jar on my desk by my laptop, and each morning, I would pull out a slip. Scripture is full of promises that offer hope and reminders that God has a perfect plan for our lives.

As the holidays approached, I thought of my readers and, if it were possible, what I would give you. Sure, we all like gift cards and goodies, but if I could give you one thing, I’d want it to be meaningful and last long after the Christmas decorations are down.

So I contacted my friend and asked if I could borrow her idea. Turns out, she shared this idea from Proverbs 31 Ministries. You can subscribe through their site or download your copy here.

I encourage you to make one for yourself and your friends. Yes, the gift is simple, but it may become the most treasured one you give this Christmas.

Better yet, why not pass it on? Copy the image below, and share on social media with your friends!

Materials & Instructions:

  1. Mason Jars: Find these at craft stores, grocery stores, or online in clear or colored varieties.
  2. Decorations: I used burlap, lace, and ribbon to wrap my jars and hot glue to secure them. (Tip: If you use hot glue, have a friend or parent help you, and be careful not to burn yourself!) Decorate with buttons, flowers, or make your own decorations. Be creative! I’d love for you to share your ideas in the comments, or contact me through my website or Facebook to share a picture of your design.
  3. Click here to download the Scripture Promises PDF file. Copy and paste into Word, and do a find/replace of (NAME) with your name or a friend’s name in the document. Check that there are 100 replacements, and then print. Idea: If you’re using a clear-colored jar, print the promises on different colored paper so that your Scripture slips provide a burst of color.
  4. Cut the strips, and then fold them in half twice before stuffing them in the jar.
  5. Your family and friends will “unwrap” these promises well after the Christmas season is over.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas!

~ Kristen


Scripture Promises Christmas Craft Jar – @kjhogrefe (Click to Tweet)

Craft a Christmas gift your family and friends will treasure. – @kjhogrefe (Click to Tweet)

8 thoughts on “Christmas Craft: Scripture Promises Mason Jar

  1. Kristin I thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this. I received one as a gift a few years ago and realized very quickly that this is the greatest gift of all…..What a Great way to start your day. I’ve searched and searched for these exact Bible verses (like my Scripture jar), and you came along….I thank you dearly….


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